Other Treatments

Cardiology Treatment:

VenuVidya Multispeciality Hospital has earned Good Reputation as one of Best and Most Prestigious Multispecialty Hospitals and the Best Heartcare hospital in Nalgonda. Our Extremely Skilled Doctors include the Best Cardiac Surgeon in and around Nalgonda. Our cardiologists are committed to give their finest care possible to the Diseased.
We Offer Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment for Cardiac Problems which includes an entire spectrum of heart surgeries using the latest technology. We are Best in Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery for Infants, Children, Adults, and Old Aged. Our Experienced Staff helps you Live a Healthy Life with Good Heart Care.


Pulmonology Treatment:

Our Department of Pulmonology at VenuVidya Hospital, Nalgonda provides comprehensive diagnostics along with treatment and also advanced care for lung disorders. Increase in air pollution, exposure to smoke trigger carcinogens in our Body. Few other factors altogether brought an exponential increase in the number of patients suffering from breathing issues and lung ailments. We are having expert panel of doctors and a dedicated staff to
ensure extreme care for the patient that is delivered with compassion and empathy. We are having experince in handling most critical and life-
threatening Pulmonological ailments and had a impressive previous record in treatment for such complex cases.


Urology Treatment:

The Urology Department at VenuVidya Hospital comprehensive approach for all urological issues ensuring professional care across all patients. We implement hi-end techniques in diagnostics (urodynamics), minimally invasive treatments (Holmium laser prostrate surgery, radical prostatectomy). We also provide surgical interventions for children born with structural abnormalities (reconstructive surgery), urinary ailments affecting post-menopausal in women and male infertility. We are leaders in the city for advanced surgeries. We ensure speedy recovery and enhanced clinical outcomes at par with any best standards in the Industry.


Emergency and Critical Care Services:

VenuVidya Multispeciality Hospital provides facilities for Emergency and Critical Care Cases. Our hospital detects an emergency case and reacts to it at that moment. Our VenuVidya Multispeciality doctors are experts in handling emergency cases and even help patients to recover quickly and healthily. This service includes various emergency cases, mostly in head injury, which means scalp, skull, or brain trauma. Head injuries are a common reason for an emergency room visit. Most people who suffer head injuries are children. Our specialized doctors help you out with their outstanding service. Most of the injuries may be minor because the skull protects the brain.


Orthopedic Treatment:

Our service in orthopedics branch of medicine focus on the care of the skeletal system and its interconnecting parts. That parts including tendons, ligaments, bones ,muscles and joints. VenuVidya multispeciality records the patients medical information and carrying with some physical examination and further examined by x -ray and deal with the patients disorder to rectifying their problems. Our service also performs additional diagnostic tests that includes various scanning’s, certain blood tests etc. VenuVidya multispeciality hospital orthopedist will carry out in office procedures to help diagnose and treat certain musculoskeletal conditions. Our staff also performs several surgical procedures in orthopedics with maximum care and health safety. Orthopedics focus on treating injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system few of these cases are present at birth, while others may occur as a result of injury or age related.

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